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6.8.3. Combined Heat and Power

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6.8.5. Solar Thermal Systems

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6.8.4. Heat Pumps Configuration of design assistant

  1. Maintain (or not) current equipment
  2. Preselection of allowed equipment types
  3. Minimum yearly operating hours Equivalent full load operating hours
  4. Minimum temperature lift (temperature difference between low temperature heat source and heat supply to demand)
  5. Maximum condensation temperature (upper temperature limit for heat supply)
  6. Minimum evaporation temperature (lower temperature limit for heat source)
  7. (Thermally driven heat pumps only): Required driving temperature (entry to the generator for absorption heat pumps) Summary of simulation results

  1. “Pinch” temperature Defined as the middle between the minimum temperature of heat demand and the maximum temperature of available (waste) heat
  2. Temperature lift Difference between minimum temperature of heat demand and maximum temperature of availableheat source. A negative temperature lift indicates that there is an overlap between heat demand and available (waste) heat.