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6.8.2. Heat and Cold Storage

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6.8.4. Heat Pumps

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6.8.3. Combined Heat and Power Configuration of design assistant

  1. Maintain (or not) current equipment
  2. Preselection of allowed types of CHP system
  3. Preselection of allowed fuel type
  4. Minimum operating hours (Equivalent full load operating hours)
  5. Minimum effective electrical efficiency (See the technical manual for the definition of the effective efficiency) Summary of simulation results

  1. Effective operating hours
  2. Effective electrical efficiency
  3. Utilisation ratio fu of generated heat (fu < 1 indicates, that the amount 1-fu of the useful generated heat is dissipated to the ambient within the exhaust gas or by a cooling tower)
  4. Maximum possible heating power (in kW) by temperature for obtaining the minimum number of yearly operating hours