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6.8. Heat and Cold Supply Modules

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6.8.1. Design Assistants - General IssuesΒΆ

EINSTEIN offers design assistant modules for the semi-automatic design of alternative heat and cooling supply systems.

All design assistants are formed of the following blocks:

  1. A table summarising the relevant equipment of a given type which is currently present in a given alternative proposal.
  2. Graphical representation of relevant heat demand and heat supply curves
  3. Numerical data summarising the performance of the equipment of a given type
  4. Configuration of the design assistant

In the configuration, the user can preselect certain parameters that constrain the allowed options for automatic design, e.g.:

  • preselection of / excluding certain type of equipment, type of fuels, etc.
  • specifying allowed temperature ranges
  • specifying minimum requirements on performance (e.g. yearly operating hours, ...)

The user has the following possibilities for modifying the equipment in a given alternative proposal:

  • manual editing (adding/deleting/modifying equipment) via the data entry (independent of the design assistant
  • manually adding equipment from databases
  • (semi-)automatically adding equipment using the design assistant